The Blue Dot Clown ~ Rare Vintage 1930/40s Hand-painted Linen Clown Mask (Limited Quantity)


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We have a number of vintage hand-painted linen clown masks in very good condition.

This one is the "Blue Dot Clown". These masks have been safely stored away in a cool dry place at a costume company that was going out of business when we purchased them. These were likely made in the 1930s or in that era.

Unfortunately, there was no accompanying, so we are unable to pinpoint the exact time or place of manufacture.

They are all made from a single mold, cut to approximate the contours of the human face, then hand-painted. They would make excellent collectibles, or can still be used as masks.

The linens are discolored here and there, and some of the paint is more faded in some areas than in others, but all in all they are in very good condition, still retaining their stiffness and contours.

These will not last and once they are gone, they're gone from time and history. Order yours today!

  • Rare cache of vintage handmade masks 
  • Hand-painted
  • Linen
  • Mask, Clown, Halloween, Theatre
  • Charming & Interesting Collectible