How to Clean Your Wig

How to Clean Your Human or Yak Hair Wig
  1. Remove any adhesives from wig using recommended remover. Remove all hairpins or styling props. Gently remove tangles with a large toothed comb.
  2. Hold the wig (at top with hair hanging down) under a warm running tap to wet. Remove from tap, gently work/squeeze mild shampoo through the wig, working in the direction the hair is tied (usually from top to bottom). Rinse under warm running water, again holding the wig by the top.
  3. Repeat above step with light conditioner, and rinse again (the conditioner helps prevent tangles).
  4. Squeeze the water out (human hair absorbs water, unlike synthetics, so you need to ring out the excess). Lay the wig on a towel and roll up the towel to blot. Let it sit in the towel for 10-15 minutes. Pin the wig carefully to an appropriately sized head block, secure lace front with small straight pins and twill tape.
  5. While it's still wet, gently detangle the wig from top to bottom with a wide toothed comb, using gentle downward strokes, one section at a time. Never begin combing at the top or middle and always comb down. Let dry. Be careful not to stretch or strain the wig while it’s wet, as you could distort or warp the piece, resulting in fitting issues.

After wig is dry, you can style it using rollers or GENTLE heat. You may use a blow dryer or curling iron, set to their low heat settings. You may also use steam rollers. Important! Allow wig to dry naturally!

How to Clean Your Synthetic Wig
  1. Brush the wig thoroughly.
  2. Add wig shampoo to wash basin & fill w/cold water. Let soak for 5 minutes. Swish the wig gently NEVER RUB. Rinse gently in cold clear water twice or until thoroughly rinsed.
  3. Apply generous amount of wig conditioner & gently work through hair w/fingertips Rinse thoroughly w/cold water.
  4. Drain & blot gently w/towel, DO NOT SQUEEZE OR WRING. Allow to air dry on a wire wig stand or a slender object like a can of hair spray. DO NOT USE HAIRDRYER. Important! Allow wig to dry naturally!

Brush wig only when completely dry.