Toledo Gown Costume

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Reproduction of the gown worn by Eleanor of Toledo when she was laid to rest. Eleanor was the wife of Grand Duke Cosimo I of the Italian Medici family. She held a noble station in society which she showed in her clothes. Twenty-eight pearl buttons line the sleeves which are slashed to show her Silk Chemise poufs through. Her bust line is flattened & lifted by her Corset. Her Bumroll & Hoopskirt make her skirts lay larger to give the illusion of a smaller waist without the body alterations practiced by the Victorians. 
Includes: Dress. 

Chemise, Corset, Bumroll and Hoop Skirt available separately.

Colors: Rouge, Admiral Navy, Jewel Black, Hunter Green, Purple 

Size: Waist (22-25 7/8), (26-29 7/8), (30-34), (35-39)