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Brocade Dinner Skirt 
Aristocratic skirt made of fine Brocade fabric & black net lining. Skirt layers are adorned with intrinsic lace & ruffles at hem. Goes well with Brocade Dinner Blouse (PDC1230A). 

Color: Burgundy (shown)

Size (Bust/Waist/Top Hip/Hip): S (B: 32"-34"/W:24"-26"/TH: 32"-34"/H:34"-36") 

M (B: 35"-37"/W:27"-29"/TH: 35"-37"/H:37"-39")

L (B: 38"-40"/W:30"-32"/TH: 38"-40"/H:40"-42") 

XL (B: 41"-43"/W:33"-35"/TH: 41"-43"/H:43"-45") 

See link for Rental Info: Steampunk Costume

PDCS1031 / PDC1230A / PDC1230B