Santa Suit / Santa Claus Costume / Deluxe Velvet

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Includes: Exquisite back zipper closure red velvet coat accented w/white plush trim, deluxe gold metallic braid trim at jacket front & cuffs, lengthened coat border, matching elastic waist pants w/side pocket, hat w/large pom-pom, Naugahyde bound belt (w/eyelets, gilt buckle w/prong & loop), Naugahyde boot tops w/long-hair plush cuffs & white nylon Santa gloves.

Excellent quality but lighter weight velvet so is more comfortable (cooler) to wear.

Size: M (Chest 42-44) (Waist Up to 36), L (Chest 46-48) (Waist Up to 40), XL (Chest 50-52 Waist Up to 44),  2XL (Chest 54-56 Waist Up to 48

Made in USA / Velvet

T7407 / T7828