Santa Claus Costume / Professional Deluxe

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Beautiful deluxe red pile plush coat trimmed with thick luxurious white long-hair plush, high quality easy pull zipper, complete satin lining, pockets inside and out. Matching pants with side pocket, hat with large pom-pom. Naugahyde/faux leather bound black belt with eyelets, gilt buckle with prong and loop, Naugahyde boot tops with long-hair plush cuffs and white nylon Santa gloves.

Size: L (Chest 42-48 Waist Up to 52), XL (Chest 50-56 Waist Up to 56), 2XL (Chest 58-62 Waist Up to 58), 3XL (Chest 64-70 Waist Up to 63)