Rhett Butler Hat / Southern Gentleman Planter Hat / Wool Felt / Broadway Quality

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SKU: MGA14 Blk with Blk Band S
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Excellent quality low crowned Wool Felt with Satin Band.

Brim: 3" / Height: 4.5" 

Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Color: Black with Black Band, Black with White Band, Brown, Grey, Tan, White Straw

Broadway Quality Made in USA by HXC Hatcrafters

The hat gives you the wide brim of a cowboy hat with the fun look that fits in the city. If you’ve ever wanted to channel your inner riverboat gambler, this hat will let you do it. The brim has a cool pencil curl and the silk pug band give this hat a really fun look. It has a telescope crown and is made of 100 percent wool felt. The hat has a leather sweatband for those warm days on the riverboat. It even gives off a slight “Rhett Butler” feel if you are leaning toward that type of look. Stark black hat lets you give off an air of mystery and intrigue that will keep people guessing no matter what outfit you pair it with.

MGA14 / HC461 / RH227