Professional Modeling / Putty Wax

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A soft, supple, pliable combination of traditional putty & modeling wax which, after sculpting, will keep its molded shape. Great for smoothing the edges on prosthetic pieces, building up facial areas, blocking out eyebrows & other special effects.

How to use this product: Warm Putty/Wax on palm, mold wax to desired shape and apply to skin. Blend edges into the skin. Seal with Fixative "A", then apply latex for a final skin coating. Remove by peeling off as much product as possible. Remove remaining product with Makeup Remover followed by soap and water.

To block out eyebrows: First, paint Spirit Gum on the eyebrows and press to compact the hair. Second, apply a thin layer of Wax on the eyebrows to fill in the space between the hair follicles. Third, paint Fixative "A" Sealer over the entire area. Finally, apply makeup.

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