Michael Myers Mask with Hair / The Mask

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Created by the world famous Don Post Studios, pioneering great masks since 1938. Officially licensed Michael Meyers Halloween mask product. Mask is made with state of the art, lightweight materials in the highest level of integrity combined with dedication to innovation and design creativity

Includes: 1 Latex Mask w/Hair 

Size: One Size / Color: White / 60% Latex / 30% Polyester / 5% Alpaca / 5% Paint / Hand Wash

Michael Myers sets the bar for all masks. This design will remind everyone of the infamous Halloween movie series. The hair is light brown and is combed back. Don Post, the godfather of Halloween, created and sold some of the first latex mask in the entertainment industry. Don Post Studios are famous for creating mask used in many blockbuster movies such as Star Wars and the Halloween film series. Since 1938 the Don Post name has cultivated the respect of the entertainment industry.