Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive / Mastix P / Kryolan

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Specialized especially strong synthetic adhesive for beards, wigs, toupees and small facial appliances. This product is especially useful when extreme perspiration or high humidity is a problem. As it is a sealer type of adhesive, it dries quickly.  Therefore, hair goods and  appliance must be positioned carefully as it is difficult to re-position them. Also, can be mixed w/normal types of spirit gum to strengthen their holding power.

Sizes: 1.75 oz, 16 oz, 33.8 oz
1.75 comes with applicator brush.  16 oz and 33.8 oz do not. 

Paint on Spirit Gum to the required area of skin and tap adhesive until it is somewhat dry, ("tacky"). Then press on the object to be adhered.

As with any adhesive, always perform a skin test 24-48 hours prior to your application. 

Requires Spirit Gum "P" Remover.

K6012 / LW646

Note: Due to FAA Regulations this item can not be shipped air if over 1 oz.