Easter Bunny Costume / Deluxe Mascot Quality

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Includes: Fully lined jumpsuit body, head, gloves, parade feet and collar with bowtie. 

Manufactured from only the finest fabrics. The suit is fully lined and padded where needed to give a sculptured effect, is comfortable to wear, easy to maintain, and made with velcro closures for quick removal. Hands have a set-in thumb for greater usability. Foot spats can be worn over your own shoes. The head is fabricated from high-tech lightweight papier-mâché and is water repellent, sturdy, fur covered, has adjustable headgear, screened eyes and is individually hand painted. Costumes are designed with your safety in mind. The heads are made of natural non-toxic materials and easy to take off.

Size (made to order): S fits to 5'6" chest 38" / M to 5'11" chest 48" / L to 6'4" chest 56"

For rental information see link: Easter Bunny