Ben Nye Old Age Make Up Kit

Creative Costuming

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Ben Nye creme makeup's are easy to apply, blend, & remove. Quality components & detailed directions help the novice & experienced artist achieve delightful, colorful & sometimes frightful effects. 

Ben Nye's special creme colors & classic aging techniques produce theatrical & masquerade success. Detailed directions for male & female. 

Applications: Minimum 4-6. 
Each Kit Includes: Old Age Foundation, Four Color Old Age Palette, Dark Brown  Pencil, Flat Brush, Silver Grey Hair Color, Sponge Applicators, Stipple Sponge & 
Color Directions. Instructors often rely on Kits for students. Ample supply of makeup will last through several classes, rehearsals, or productions. 

Provide strict hygiene for each actor. **Note: Due to FAA Regulations this item Can Not be shipped by air.