Beehive Spitcurl Wig

Morris Costumes

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Supreme style from the wonderful hair-sprayed era! The back is in a high Beehive. Also good for 1960's Barbara Streisand.

Color (Color Code): Strawberry Blonde (27), Black (1), Med Brown (4), Lt Brown (10), Med Chestnut Brown (6), Lt Chestnut Brown (8), Dk Blonde, Lt Golden Blonde (24), Champagne Blonde (22), Ash Blonde (16), Platnium Blonde (613), Med Brown Red (30), Henna Red, Dk Red (131), Bright Flame Red (130), Med Auburn, White (60), Med Brown w/50% Gray (44), Dk Brown w/75% Gray (51), Light Pink (KAB1), Hot Pink, Dark Purple (KAFM), Light/Bright Purple (DF17), Lavender (KAF5), Forest Green (YS5), Blue (KAF6), Sky Blue, Clown Red (KAF7), Yellow, Orange, Burgundy, White