Spirit Gum Adhesive / For Facial Hair, Latex Prosthetic Appliances

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Below you'll find our line of most popular spirit gum-type adhesives. 

 *** BEST ***

Mastix P Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive / Kryolan 

Sizes: 1.75 oz (K6012) , 16 oz (K6013) 32 oz (K6014).     

1.75 oz comes with a brush, 16 oz  and 32 oz do not.

Specialized especially strong synthetic adhesive for beards, wigs, toupees and small facial appliances. This product is preferred by many Santa's as it is especially useful when extreme perspiration or high humidity is a problem. As it is a sealer type of adhesive, it dries quickly. Therefore, hair goods and appliance must be positioned carefully as it is difficult to re-position them. Also, can be mixed with normal types of spirit gum to strengthen their holding power.

  Mastix P Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive Remover / Kryolan 

Sizes: 4 oz (K2041) 1 qt (K2044) 


*** BETTER ***

AdMed Liquid Adhesive                                                                             

Size:  .5 oz. (M355)

This is a clear synthetic adhesive that doesn't break down in sweat. Apply to the skin and to appliances, wait until tacky, then press together. Ideal for bald caps or other prosthetic appliances. 

AdMed Adhesive Remover                                               

Size: 4.5 oz. (M355R)

A special formula designed to breakdown & remove Medical Adhesive. Apply to the area and gently rub the remover into the glue until it dissolves.



Mehron Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive
Sizes:.25 oz. with brush (M118), 1 oz. with brush (M118-1), 4.5 oz (M118-4), 9 oz. M118-9), 16 oz. (pint) (M118), Gallon M118-G)

Mehron Spirit Gum Remover
A specially-developed solvent for the removal of spirit gum. Gentler to the skin than most other removers.   

Sizes: 1 oz. (M143), 9 oz. (M143-9)


Due to FAA Regulations this item can't be shipped air if over 1 oz


Spirit Gum and Remover Combo

Adhesive for applying mustaches, beards, wigs, crepe hair, bald caps and false noses.
Combination pack of gum and remover.
Includes .125 oz. of spirit gum with applicator brush and 1 oz. of spirit gum remover.